2000AS microbolometer
2000AS microbolometer 50 degree lens2000AS microbolometer custom wiring harness2000AS microbolometer small board set

2000AS Microbolometer -0421

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2000AS Microbolometer 160X120 50 degree lensand small board set with custom wiring harness (BNC video out & polarity switch).

  • 160×120 Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer
  • 50 degree FOV Germanium lens
  • Sealed sensor head with separate electronics
  • Custom wiring harness (with BNC video out & polarity switch)
  • Documentation

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Product Description

Demo Model 2000AS Microbolometer

2000AS Microbolometer is a 160X120 gently used infrared camera core that was only used in house for demonstration purposes. It’s been lingering on our shelf without a purpose and needs to go! We powered it up and tested it on 6-16-14 to make the video below so you can see this unit can be much better utilized not sitting on a shelf. This is a perfect model for anyone just getting acquainted with infrared cameras & thermography, education, DIY projects, engineering and much, much more. It’s an amazing opportunity to get a great thermal imaging device at an extremely low price.

NO EXPORT available on this item. (Please contact us if you have export needs).

The 2000AS Microbolometer kit includes (one each):

2000AS Microbolometer thermal camera sensor head with 160×120 FPA sensor 00351
2000AS  Microbolometer thermal lens with a  50 degree FOV
2000AS Microbolometer processor board electronics
2000AS Microbolometer custom wiring harness (has BNC video out & a polarity switch)
2000AS Microbolometer user guide

This device is sold AS IS.  Check out the demo video below from 6-18-14 in our lab. It works perfectly well!

2000AS Microbolometer -0421 Sample Video

Since this product is made specifically for OEM integration, please install it in your housing in accordance with product guidelines and common electrical handling practices.  This item is AS IS, so we are unable to accept returns.


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