L3 Thermal-EYE 4500AS core in box
L3 Thermal-EYE 4500AS 50 degree lensThermal-Eye 2000AS Thermal Core

L3 Thermal-EYE 4500AS Core 320×240 50 DEG -397

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L3 Thermal-EYE 4500AS Core. 320×240 resolution with 50 degree germanium lens, wiring harness and documentation.

  • 320×240 Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer
  • 50 degree FOV Germanium lens with manual focus control (Optional 12 degree available)
  • Sealed sensor head with separate electronics
  • Electronics cage
  • Wide power range 8VDC-32VDC
  • Wiring harness
  • Documentation
  • Quick Start Guide

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WOW this is a steal. A modern 320×240 amorphous silicon microbolometer thermal core at a fraction of the cost of buying new. If you have been waiting for a high resolution thermal core for your school, DIY project, UAV gimbal, proof of concept, experiment or just to mess around then the wait is finally over. Buy This NOW it will not last.

The L3 Thermal-EYE 4500AS core is the latest model in the AS thermal core product line. All the goodies are in this core. Advanced DSP for excellent image quality. 320×240 high resolution thermal imaging. 50 degree germanium lens with manual focus for maximum control (Optional 12 degree lens may be available at additional charge so contact us for details). Digital zoom control. Polarity control. Manual shutter control. Its all here in this 4500AS Core. These units originally sold for over $7900 but you won’t pay anywhere near that.

This L3 Thermal-EYE 4500AS -397 core has been refurbished in our lab to exacting standards. Real time 320×240 high resolution thermal imaging. The system was originally mounted to special optics but has been refitted with the 50 degree lens. We may have 12 degree lens option available so contact us if you want a different lens or more than one lens. The unit bench tests great and is ready to install in your design.

You can see a sample video taken in our lab on 6-14-14 of this exact unit.

Don’t hesitate. This is a once in a great long while opportunity that may never appear again. The time to buy it is when you see it.



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