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Raytheon 2000AS Thermal Engine -334

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Raytheon / L3 Thermal-Eye 2000AS Thermal Engine 160×120 with 50 degree FOV optics. 3VDC regulated power required NO EXTERNAL POWER BOARD.

  • 160×120 Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer
  • 50 degree FOV Germanium lens
  • Sealed sensor head with separate electronics
  • Standard Low Voltage 3VDC input power (ideal for battery operation)
  • Wiring harness
  • Documentation

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Product Description


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This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a low cost thermal engine. Perfect for experimental projects, DIY builds, UAV gimbal thermal payload, proof of concept and prototype design. Why pay thousands for a brand new thermal engine when you can get the same capability for up to 90% OFF the original retail price. This Raytheon 2000AS thermal engine has been sitting on our shelf collecting dust for years. Hardly used at all as an in shop demo. The thermal engine has probably only seen less than a 1/2 hour of total use. It has been tested and approved by our service department as working to original specifications and is ready to integrate into your project now.

This particular Raytheon 2000AS thermal engine features an amorphous silicon microbolometer sensor with 160×120 pixel resolution. It is a real time full frame rate imaging sensor. Simple to operate by supplying regulated 3VDC power and connecting the standard NTSC composite video output to your monitor. There is also a trigger wire to switch polarity between white hot and black hot. This is the perfect low cost thermal engine for your project.

Due to corporate mergers the Raytheon 2000AS thermal engine is also known as L3 Communications, Thermal-Eye, Nightsight and Raytheon Commercial Infrared.

Check out the video of this actual core produced on 6-14-2014 during testing.

The Raytheon 2000AS thermal engine 2000AS-334 comes with

1 2000AS thermal engine 160×120 real time
1 50 degree germanium lens
1 Sealed sensor head
1 Interface connection cable (flying leads)
1 Plastic lens cover
1 Documentation


There is only one of these so if you are interested BUY IT NOW or it will be gone forever.

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