Raytheon infrared camera core
Raytheon infrared camera 50 degree lensRaytheon infrared camera optional power boardRaytheon infrared camera PCB

Raytheon Infrared Camera Core -0446

$5,500.00 $500.00

Raytheon Infrared Camera Core 50 degree FOV lens 160X120 expanded power board 160×120

  • 160×120 Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer
  • 50 degree FOV Germanium lens
  • Sealed sensor head with separate electronics
  • Expanded power board (4.5VDC to 32VDC input)
  • Documentation

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Product Description

In House Demo Raytheon Infrared Camera Core HUGE discount

You will absolutely not find a deal like this anywhere else. Buy this infrared camera core for your OEM housing whether you are a professional or novice. At this price, you can afford to experiment and learn about infrared technology if you are a DIY person, work in education, or need an infrared camera for proof of concept, evidence, etc. You will not find a bigger discount on this camera core anywhere else!

This Raytheon 2000AS Thermal Imager Core includes

1. Raytheon Infrared Camera Core sensor head with 160×120 FPA sensor 00351
1. Raytheon Infrared Camera Core Lens 50 degree field of view
1. Raytheon Infrared Camera Core processor board electronics
1. Raytheon Infrared Camera Core power board (allows you to use a wide voltage range of 4.5VDC to 32VDC)
1. Raytheon Infrared Camera Core user guide

No export available on this item, however, we may be able to assist you with other export options. Please contact us with any questions.

This unit is being sold AS-IS, so regrettably we cannot offer any refunds or exchanges.  But check out the video of our techs giving it a whirl on 6-18-14 and you can see this model is in excellent working condition just as if it came straight out of the box.

Raytheon Infrared Camera Core -0446 Sample Video



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