Raytheon Thermal Eye 300D Infrared Camera
Raytheon Thermal Eye 300D hard caseRaytheon Thermal Eye 300D Infrared Camera kit

Raytheon Thermal-Eye 300D Infrared Camera BST -4218

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Raytheon Thermal-Eye 300D Infrared Camera 320×240 BST complete kit with 25mm f/1.0 Lens & manual focus

  • L-3 L3 25mm f/1.0 Lens with Manual Focus & Iris for Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • 320×240 BST thermal infrared camera FPA sensor
  • Power Cable
  • Wiring
  • Hard Case
  • Documentation

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Product Description

Discounted Raytheon Thermal-Eye 300D Infrared Camera BST-4218

This is your opportunity to own a fantastic and powerful infrared camera at a HUGE SAVINGS! The 300D is a unique thermal sensor technology that is no longer available on the market. The BST FPA design has been replaced by modern microbolometers not because they are better but only because they are cheaper to manufacture! The BST thermal infrared camera technology is the ultimate GOLD STANDARD in imaging performance that is orders of magnitude superior to anything available today.

The 320×240 BST thermal sensor produces a detailed thermal image in any condition. Due to its inherent design the BST has a very wide dynamic range. This means that the sensor is capable of imaging very hot and very cold items at the same time. An extreme example would be the ability to see a person standing next to a fire but it also applies in every day imaging. In contrast, modern microbolometer sensors have a very narrow dynamic range and have trouble even seeing the sky and the ground at the same time. If you took a modern sensor and looked at someone next to a fire it would completely block out the person and focus on the hot spot.  The BST is also completely IMMUNE to high energy sources. Microbolometers can be damaged by high energy targets. With the BST you could point it at the sun and leave it there all day an nothing would happen to the 300D sensor. A modern microbolometer would be toast!

Whether you need a thermal imager for school projects, DIY, educational purposes, electrical analysis, or just exploring thermal imaging technology this is a great and affordable find! This  FLIR (forward looking infrared) camera core has proven time and again in law enforcement, security and military applications and can be used day or night, 24/7. This model has been discontinued and has been slightly used in our lab for testing and demonstrations only. You won’t find this model anywhere at such a LOW PRICE!

These 300D BST thermal infrared camera cores are highly desired by users that know what they are. This is very rare that we have one in stock and it will not last long once the word gets out. BUY NOW.

The Raytheon Thermal-Eye 300D Infrared Camera comes with:

1 – L-3 L3 25mm f/1.0 Lens with Manual Focus & Iris for Thermal Imaging Cameras
1- Power Cable
1- Wiring
1 – Hard Case
1 – Documentation

This is used and being sold AS-IS, but we’ve tested it in our lab and it works great!  With pricing so low, this is a steal! (Sorry, no refunds or exchanges on this item).

This item is subject to export regulations and is only available for purchase in the USA. Please contact us for export help.

Raytheon Thermal-Eye 300D Infrared Camera -4218 Sample Video


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