thermal-eye 2000as thermal core 17 degree lens
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Thermal-Eye 2000AS Thermal Core 17 DEG -1434

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Thermal-Eye 2000AS thermal core with a 17 degree lens (manual focus). Small board form factor with wide power input 6VDC-32VDC and low power lines for battery operation.

  • 160×120 Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer
  • 17 degree FOV Germanium lens with manual focus control
  • Sealed sensor head with separate electronics
  • Wide power range 6VDC-32VDC plus low power input for battery operation
  • Wiring harness
  • Documentation

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This is the perfect thermal core for anyone looking for a low cost thermal core but still wanting maximum performance. This unit would be great for school projects, demonstration of thermal theory, DIY projects, low cost UAV thermal gimbal payload, proof of concept or any other application that needs better performance at a very attractive price.

This Thermal-Eye 2000AS Thermal Core is a 160×120 amorphous silicon microbolometer sensor. This is the later generation of the 2000AS models with improved DSP, small board size and on board power management giving you the ability to utilize high voltage 6VDC-32VDC or low voltage 2.5VDC-4VDC supplies without the need for an external power board. This makes this unit ideal for UAV or Handheld battery operated applications. This model also has the long range 17 degree germanium optics. This lens has manual focus so you can concentrate on distant objects or get up close and personal with things only a foot away. This is about the best there is in a Thermal-EYE 2000AS thermal core.

This unit has been used as a demo and is in excellent condition. It features the wide power ranges and standard NTSC composite video output. This model is full frame rate real time imaging. This model has a trigger for manual touch up shutter. This model does NOT have polarity control.  The unit has been evaluated by our technical department and certified in original operating condition.

You can see a sample video of this unit taken on 6-14-14 in our lab.


If you are looking for a longer range more modern example of the 2000AS thermal core then you better hit BUY IT NOW.  We only have one 2000AS-1434 so if it goes its gone for good.



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