Thermal Imaging Infrared Security Camera for Sale

This low cost infrared surveillance camera

is the small but mighty IRXP-5001 Thermal Imaging Infrared Security Camera.  What’s so special about this guy is that he’s ONE OF A KIND.  This is a versatile custom made thermal imaging system that was made solely for our lab and testing. It comes in a kit with a super-sturdy hard case for traveling/storage.

View our Thermal Imaging Infrared Security Camera for Sale Sample Video

You can use this affordable thermal imaging camera mounted on a tripod (comes with a lower tripod mount) for thermal microscopy, lab analysis or process control for factory automation.  Mount it on a building, or even use it hand held for on the go surveillance footage in a police cruiser for evidence purposes (it comes with a 12 V DC cigarette lighter adapter). It films thermal video and captures high resolution thermal images in both black hot & white hot modes in 320×240 microbolometer resolution.

Below are some sample thermal infrared images in white hot and black hot taken with the IRXP-5001.  It makes a fantastic infrared security camera that will identify the creeps even at night!

We’re pricing it at an extremely low $2,900 so this model won’t last long.

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Thermal Imaging Infrared Security Camera for Sale -  white hot thermal imageryThermal Imaging Infrared Security Camera for Sale - black hot thermal imagery